"ကလော က လာခဲ့တာ"

Where Creativity Meets Concept,
Curating Art,
Supporting Livelihoods in community.

What is Coming From Kalaw?

Coming From Kalaw (Kalaw Ka Lar Kae Tar, ကလော ကလာ ခဲ့တာ ), a
creative-driven art company based in Kalaw, is committed to
providing professional conceptual curating services and
supporting the livelihood of the Southern Shan art community
through exhibitions, activities, and artwork sales.
CFK is also dedicated to emphasizing the importance of art
education, especially in rural areas where such support is often

Meet Our CEO

After relocating to Kalaw three years ago, CEO Kyel Sin Lin identified a need for social development through art, particularly in underserved areas.

She initiated a platform to unite local artists and the community,
providing a space for them to showcase their creations and gain
community appreciation.

Beyond this, she passionately believes that art can positively influence children’s lives, fostering development in areas like overcoming challenges, social skills, and creativity, shaping their future careers.

She firmly believes that any form of art has the power to narrate stories, reshape our life perspectives, and support individuals’ career income.


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Our Team.

Coming From Kalaw

Our Mission

To create a PLATFORM that empowers local artists, enabling them to gain
recognition, expand their reach and network, engage with the community, and
contribute to the local and global art community.
To foster a deeper UNDERSTANDING and APPRECIATION for Southern Shan
art, heritage, and the cultural diversity of Southern Shan State.

Our Vision

CURATE exceptional artworks, support local artists, and engage audiences through
innovative exhibitions, educational programs, and collaborations.
CONNECT artists with collectors, enthusiasts, and art lovers, creating opportunities
for dialogue, appreciation, and investment in diverse art mediums and forms.

Our Strategies

  • Studios’ Tours and Gatherings
  • Workshops and Panels
  • Local Artist Residency
  • Profile Archiving
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Collaborations with hospitality
  • Online Platforms
  • Newsletter and Podcasts
  • Documentaries and Interviews

Artistic Community Development

We aim to foster a thriving creative community through initiatives like …

Studios' Tour and Gathering

We organize and facilitate tours of artists' studios, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Workshops and Panels

We conduct workshops and panel discussions to enhance the creative abilities of artists.

Local Artist Residency

We are aiming to provide opportunities for artists to reside in local communities, fostering creativity and cultural exchange.

Profile Archiving

We create and maintain profiles for artists, serving as an archive to showcase their work and achievements.

Sales and Exposure


Events and Exhibitions

We coordinate various events and exhibitions to provide artists with
platforms to showcase their work.

Collaboration with hospitability

We partner with hotels and restaurants for collaborations, promoting artists' creations and generating income opportunities for them.

“This involve organizing
events and partnerships to showcase artists' work and generate income while increasing their visibility within the community.”

Digital Presence and
story telling

“We aim to boost artists' visibility and engagement by using diverse mediums to narrate their stories,
creative processes, and challenges.”

Online Platform

We establish an online platform for artists to engage in live paintings,
reaching a broader audience through social media.


Newsletter and Podcast

We develop regular newsletters and podcasts featuring artists' stories, creative processes, CFK activities, Kalaw stories and achievements.

Documentaries and Interviews

We produce real-life storytelling documentaries and conduct interviews to highlight the experiences and challenges faced by artists in the region.

Our Services

Curating Services

Offer end-to-end professional curating
services, handling the planning, design, and
networking for art exhibitions.

Art Consultancy

Corporate gifts for businesses, advisory
services for artwork display decorations, and
customized painting services.

Art Sales

CFK provides a platform for art enthusiasts to
acquire unique pieces while supporting and
connecting with the vibrant local art
community in Yangon and Kalaw.

Curating Services


At Coming From Kalaw, we offer end-to-end professional curating services, handling the planning, design, and networking for art exhibitions

We have experiences in organizing our curated exhibitions, collaborating on exhibitions, and offering service-provided exhibitions.


Art Consultancy

We provide consultancy services for corporate art acquisitions, personalized painting services, and advisory services for artwork display decorations.


Art Sales

Explore an array of artworks featuring over 15 local and contemporary artists partnered with CFK. Our collection includes traditional paintings, Shan landscapes, and contemporary works by artists like Myo Thuzar, Win Phyo, Zaw Min Htoo, Yein Kham, Kyawt Shin, Rack Aid, and more.

CFK provides a platform for art enthusiasts to acquire unique pieces while supporting and connecting with the vibrant local art community in Yangon and Kalaw.

Art Sales Infographic

(Till 2023)

Art Education

In addition, CFK has initiated an Art Fund project (CFK Art Fund) aimed at providing accessible art education to children in Southern Shan State, Myanmar. This initiative involves developing an adaptable art curriculum for rural areas through training sessions and workshops. Our goal is to empower young individuals with artistic skills and knowledge, promoting cultural enrichment in the region. We started our classes with contributions from local donors, and parents of participating students have supported us, ensuring the sustainability of our courses. Moreover, CFK’s profits directly contribute to CFK Art Fund Classes, seamlessly integrated throughout the company structure.

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